A single purple flower with some black veins on the petals coming out of the centre, and with pink stamens and carpels in the middle. It is surrounded by green foliage.

New look!

So here we are, now on WordPress. Some things are still being sorted out (particularly images being blurred, and some links that are broken), but hopefully you’ll have got the email about this post. If you have any problems accessing …

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Gwenfar’s Garden is moving!

Over the next couple of weeks, my site is going to be moving from Blogger to WordPress. Hopefully there won’t be too much downtime, but I wanted to let people know. Email subscribers: with luck your subscription will just transfer …

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Broad Bean and Feta Salad

  Serves 2 200g shelled Broad Beans1 crushed garlic clove, several garlic scapes, or Chives10 or so leaves of Mint, chopped up2 tablespoons olive oil2 teaspoons of lemon juiceBlack pepper100g FetaSalad leaves 1. Put garlic (or chopped alternatives) into a …

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