A couple of brick raised beds ,and you can see the green shoots of this seasons garlic coming up.

Garlic 2024

Wow, for the 1st time in 15 years I’m going to have to buy garlic. Usually I grow enough for our household for the year, plus some to give away. However, because of of moving and stuff, last seasons garlic …

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Two very large flowers (bigger than my hand) facing off opposite sides of the large central stem. The colours are faded to lime green, with strong dark red markings running along the ridges on the petals, making it look stripy, except in the middle where the colour has joined up. It's a fabulous flower and wants us to know it.

Amaryllis ‘Papilio’

In the depths of winter, one of the great floral delights that we can grow indoors (in the UK), are Amaryllis. This is A. ‘Papilio’, which is now in it’s third year of flowering. I have two others that flowered …

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A large flower, the size of your hand span, facing towards the left. The outer petals are white, and then it has lots of purple and blue coronal filaments that really add the wow factor. It then has yellow-green stamens, then purplish dotted small stems leading to the two dark yellow pistols that meet at the top. You can see raindrops have collected amongst the filaments.

A brief passion

I did not mean to go nearly 3 months between blogposts, but between visitors and having pinched a nerve in my left shoulder, I’ve not been able to type much. It’s slowly improving but still a way to go. Honestly, …

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