Comeston Lakes: wildflowers, June 2024

Went for a roll* down to Cosmeston Lakes today and spotted these wildflowers along the way.

A common spotted orchid, which is a mostly pale-pink to white flower with hot pink markings on multiple petals that are tightly packed and go around the stem.
Dactylorhiza fuchsii – the common spotted orchid.
Tufted vetch, a flower with pinky-purple tube shapes that turn up into a hood at the end and grow in dense clusters along one side of the flower spike.
Vicia cracca – tufted vetch, pea family.
Hedge woundwort - a nettle-like plant with tall burgundy-magenta flowering spikes with widely-spaced whorls of flowers.
Stachys sylvatica – hedge woundwort, mint family.
Stinking iris - two flowers of the iris, each with has six delicate, petal-like segments known as tepals that are lavender and white with darker purple veining.
Iris foetidissima – stinking iris, named as such because if crushed, it can smell bad!
Yellow flag iris - with large bright yellow petals that fold back on themselves and hang down around the outer edges of the flower.
Iris pseudacorus – yellow flag iris.

*roll – with my mobility scooter

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