A large flower, the size of your hand span, facing towards the left. The outer petals are white, and then it has lots of purple and blue coronal filaments that really add the wow factor. It then has yellow-green stamens, then purplish dotted small stems leading to the two dark yellow pistols that meet at the top. You can see raindrops have collected amongst the filaments.

A brief passion

I did not mean to go nearly 3 months between blogposts, but between visitors and having pinched a nerve in my left shoulder, I’ve not been able to type much. It’s slowly improving but still a way to go. Honestly, …

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Black ‘n White

Got a little planting today today, including this gorgeous purple-leaved Geranium. This is Geranium pratense ‘Black ‘n’ White’. I guess ‘aubergine-purple and white’ didn’t have the same ring to it! I picked it up on a recent visit to Aberglasney …

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