A simple combination

The morning sun on this simple combination of Galanthus (probably nivalis), Erica carnea ‘Myretoun Ruby’, and Primula vulgaris, really brings a smile to my face. Plus, the beady lizard!

Voilà Violas!

By good fortune, whether from wind or birds, these violas self-seeded in my garden. As if to say, Voilà! They are very pretty. This one is my favourite. I plan on letting them self-seed and will then choose the best …

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Obligatory snow blogpost

Much of the UK is under snow at the moment, and in the tradition of whenever it snows in the UK, this is my obligatory snow blogpost. It’s short, coz you know, I’m not actually going outside in it! This …

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Midwinter, clear blue skies, sunny, freezing. A very hard frost last night and it’s still -1 at midday. I took a short walk around the garden and photographed a few plants in their frozen state. Winter has it’s own beauty …

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In praise of: Cyclamen coum

January, mid-Winter. The days are a mix of cold with blue skies and damp with grey skies. Indifferent to the weather, Cyclamen coum is a burst of much-welcomed colour. It’s also known as the Eastern cyclamen as it originates from …

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