Voilà Violas!

By good fortune, whether from wind or birds, these violas self-seeded in my garden. As if to say, Voilà!

A close-up of two different viola flowers. On the left is one that is mauve-purple and white with a yellow splotch. On the right it's an aubergine-purple colour with a yellow-white splotch.

They are very pretty.

A single purple viola, which has a bright yellow splotch in the middle.

The mauve-purple and white viola with a yellow splotch in the centre, in more detail.

This one is my favourite.

My favourite, the aubergine-purple viola with a yellow-white splotch in the middle. Aubergine-purple is my favourite colour, so I guess that's why I favour this one most!

I plan on letting them self-seed and will then choose the best ones to plant elsewhere in the garden.

One of the things I love about violas like this, is they will continue to flower through winter if it’s mild. They are so hardy that if snow and frost hits, they’ll just come back again when it warms up.

A square wooden raised bed with a mixed group of violas that have self-seeded in this bed. You can see the bottom part of an rusted steel obelisk, which I grow peas and beans up in the season. There are also some pots next to the bed including one with a sage plant.

For now, these welcome self-seeders are keeping my kitchen garden look less bare as well as pretty through winter. Voilà indeed.

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