Galanthus ‘Dionysus’

As we have finally been blessed with some good weather with warmer temperatures, the bulbs are emerging. This is a new snowdrop for me, that I planted last year, Galanthus ‘Dionysus’. It’s a pretty double with distinct green markings, that I’ve planted under my Quince tree in the front garden.

Focus on a single flower with a second one on the left but behind and out of focus. You can see 2 of the 3 white outer petals, with one of the inner petals showing a strong dark green marking, that kind of reminds me of a ghost costume with the arms out, only in green!
The same flower but looking up so you can see underneath too. You can see parts of the all 3 outer white petals, more of the green marked inner petals, and from below, several more darker green inner petals quite close together. Out of focus behind the flower is some beige-brown grasses.
The same as previous, only slightly closer to looking up at the flower from below.
A single flower in a small glass vase. It's sitting on a desk and beyond it you can see blurred neighboring houses and blue sky. This is also looking up from the below. I just loved the contrast between the flower looking a bit darker against the blue sky.
Another one in a small glass vase with 2 of the white outer petals stretched out like arms, with the inner petals in a bell shape. The flower is contrasted by a purple pot that is out of focus behind it.

Life hasn’t been easy in the last couple of months, with the ME being really bad, along with severe POTS symptoms. Then sadly, my partners elderly mum, Audrey, died. So this post is dedicated to the incredible Dr Audrey Meaney, who greatly enjoyed seeing the bulbs coming up each Spring. I’m sad she will miss them this year, but love that seeing them reminds me of her. It’s from Audrey that I developed an interest in birds and wildflowers, and I carry what I learned from her, in my heart with joy. Rest in atoms, Audrey.

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