A couple of brick raised beds ,and you can see the green shoots of this seasons garlic coming up.

Garlic 2024

Wow, for the 1st time in 15 years I’m going to have to buy garlic. Usually I grow enough for our household for the year, plus some to give away. However, because of of moving and stuff, last seasons garlic …

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Garlic scapes

Updated: 21st May 2024 Garlic scapes grow on Hardneck Garlic, and occasionally on Softneck Garlic (usually only if stressed). If you aren’t sure what type of garlic you are growing, if it starts producing a scape, it’s most likely a …

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Spoonie Veg: garlic

Spoonie veg rating: 1 Garlic, my number one vegetable. I adore garlic and have been growing and saving my own for years. It’s wonderful in the kitchen, complementing so many dishes, and it is also very easy to grow. It’s …

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