Garlic scapes: preserving by freezing

If you grow hardneck garlic, you’ll end up with scapes in late Spring/early Summer (full info here). A simple way to preserve them is to freeze them, viz:

Step 1: First, cut them up roughly.

A bunch of green garlic scapes on a white cutting board. They are kind of like chives, only much thicker.

Step 2: Put them in a hand blender.

The roughly cut up garlic scapes in the container of a small hand blender. This is before they have been blended.

After they have been blended.

The blended scapes in the container, which have been cut into very small fine pieces by the blender.

Step 3: Scoop them into ice cube trays and then freeze.

The blended scapes have been spooned into individual ice-cube tray sections.

Once frozen, you can just pop out as many as you need at a time.

FYI: yes, you can make garlic scape pesto, but I just wanted to show a lower spoon way of preserving your garlic scapes.


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