Shropshire holiday

Kevin and I got back from a week in Shropshire yesterday. Perhaps not an exotic holiday, but a lovely and relaxing one which was just what we needed. We did some walks nearby (see below), and hired a car for …

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David Cameron & West Papua

It’s not often that West Papua gets on the news. Rich in resources and a highly biodiverse environment, but controlled with brutal violence by Indonesia (largely because of those resources), the West Papuan people undergo daily human rights abuses, and …

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Dave & George

bloody hilarious. On 6th May vote Green. In East Oxford, vote Sushila Dhall. There, you have my election comment.

Cycling the Avon & Kennet Canal

As mentioned in my last post, I’m keeping to my promise and telling you about Kevin’s and my cycle trip along the Kennet & Avon canal in Wiltshire. Be warned, it’s a tale of woe… The idea of the trip …

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Jobs and courses

I realise that I’ve been rather silent the last couple of weeks. That’s because I’ve gone from being an unemployed bum 2 weeks ago, to be a full-time worker with 2 part-time jobs, and a new course starting, in the …

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laugh of the week goes to… iPad

I’ve just been reading through my Feministing RSS feeds, and came across the laugh of the week, for sure. Apparently Apple computers has named it’s new tablet thingy – iPad. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha And the pic they doctored is hilarious, viz: Feministing …

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