6 thoughts on “Postcards from the Pergola”

  1. That’s a lovely place to sit and take in the scent, I would love to have something similar in my new garden.
    Do you have someone who helped you or did you pay someone to put it up? Just curious how much something like this would cost. Did the pergola come as a DIY kit or was it custom made for you?

    Take good care of yourself, hope the pergola seating area is in use today as the summer weather seems to have come back again. I am having a sofa-day today, done too much this week I think so I am not sure I will even make it out in the garden today, but there’s always tomorrow 🙂

  2. When I did the design I included the pergola and when the landscape man came in to do all the work, he did the formal measuring up and made the pergola for me from scratch. There are kits you can buy online, but none of them fitted my space, and I recall that in the end getting it custom made was about the same price, which I think was c. £250. I cannot give you an exact price as it was included as part of the whole landscaping budget, including labour, so I'm not sure.

    It is a lovely space to sit under and I not only get the fragrance, but also the happy sound of buzzing bees 🙂

  3. This is unbelievable beautiful, I can believe this ! Needless to say that the Honeysuckle is the perfect to addition, love love it. Thank you, will start nagging my hubby for a heavenly corner like yours !


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