Gardening with ME: then and now

There are times when having ME can really get me down. Lately not only have I not been blogging much, I’m not gardening much, and I’ve even had to hire someone to help out in the garden a bit. I love my garden and it’s quite hard not being about to be out there in it, working the soil, tending the plants. I start feeling overwhelmed by what I haven’t done and haven’t achieved.

Luckily I was flicking through some photos the other day and was reminded of what the garden was when we moved in nearly 2.5 years ago, and what it is now.



A bit of a doh! moment  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Gardening with ME: then and now”

  1. Incredible! You have created a really beautiful garden Julieanne. You should be so proud of what you have achieved and when the time is right you'll be having a tweak here and a tweak there I've no doubt!

  2. It certainly is a transformation. I try and take a few photos of my garden each month so I can see how it's changing. Looking back through them really helps when I'm feeling that I haven't really achieved anything.

  3. Thanks all for your comments. It's a habit of gardeners to look at what still needs to be done rather than sit back and see how much you have done. The ME adds an extra element as your brain wants to do what your body cannot!

  4. You have made an amazing difference with your garden. I loved gardening pre-ME, but have lately had to let it go a bit. My husband still mows the lawn and removes some of the worst of the weeds around the plants that have survived… thankfully I was more into hardy perennials than annuals, so a lot still remains.

    I always say folk will know when I'm on the mend, as my garden will be lovingly tended again. For now though….. It's a WILDERNESS out there!! 😛

    PS And thank you for leaving a comment on my blog too.


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