Attacking brambles

Spent a couple of good hours in the sun down at the lottie, attacking brambles. Kevin and I were delighted to be joined by our friend Manishta, who for reasons best left to herself, thinks ‘brambles are cool’.

Manishta, rugged up and happily cutting up brambles

Thanks to Manishta’s help I am really feeling we are finally starting to really cut into the brambles. This pile Manishta is putting the cuttings on, goes under cover to help dry them out. Probably late January we can have a bonfire and burn them to the ground. Which will be good timing, as where the pile is now is where I’m planning on putting my shed in early Spring.

Of course, it wasn’t all girl power. Kevin was a star, attacking bramble roots with great gusto. Or a pick. Or maybe we should call the pick ‘great gusto’?

Kevin and the pick ‘great gusto’ 

And here is the offending root…

A proud Kevin holding up the root, “I got you, ha ha ha”

To thank Manishta for her work, I dug up some carrots and parsnips for her to take home. One parsnip was very well rooted and when I finally got it out, well, you can see why. That white long thin bit is a part of the root I pulled out. The whole thing was almost a metre long!

A day in the sun at the lottie. Definition of a good time.

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