Garlic varieties – November 2010 update

I finally got around to pulling together some notes and photos from my garlic harvest. Rather than writing a long blog about each variety, I’m linking here to my Garlic Varieties record sheet (Nov 2010 version). This has a photo of each variety I have grown, plus comments about using each in cooking.

This is a work-in-progress, as I haven’t cooked with all the varieties yet! I’ll update every now and then. I’ll also be keeping a record of the storage viability of each. Many of the ones I am growing are Hardnecks, which don’t necessarily have long storage traits (Softnecks store for longer*). I found it hard to track down information on most of the varieties quite difficult to non-existent, so hopefully keeping a record of how I have found growing, storing and cooking with each variety might be of use to others.

When it comes to taste, remember, this is all just my personal opinion, and my taste buds may be quite different to yours!

Thanks again to Patrick from Bifurcated Carrots for giving me many of the varieties that I now have to play with!

And here is the list of varieties you’ll find in my record sheet:

  • Arno
  • Burgundy
  • Estonian Red
  • Georgia Fire
  • Georgian Crystal
  • Gypsy Red
  • Irkutsk
  • Martin’s Heirloom
  • Metechi
  • Music
  • Persian Star
  • Purple Glazer
  • Rosewood
  • Silver Rose
  • Solent Wight
  • Susan Delafield
  • Vekat Czech

*For more info about Hardnecks and Softnecks, garlic varieties, pests and diseases, and storage, I find Bifurcated Carrots (search ‘garlic’) and the Boundary Garlic Farm websites useful.

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