and it snowed..

A couple of hours on from my last post and the snow is really really heavy. In this picture, my usually 6-8ft Bamboo (Phyllostachy Nigra) which is the bottom-left to middle section of the photo, has been crushed under the weight of the snow.

The next photo is from upstairs out of the study window.

The colours are amazing – it really is this kind of light and at 9:30pm. I’m still in awe how quiet snow is. It’s is really very peaceful. Well, I guess if you can enjoy it from home and don’t have to try and get around it in transport! The really large trees at the back are actually in Florence Park, which is the lovely park behind my house.

After 12 years in the UK I still am delighted every time it snows. It still feels like a treat. Give me this any day to 35 degrees in Melbourne. I’ll take English winter every time.

However, as you can see from the bird feeders below, it must be hard on the birdies. I’ll have to clear them off in the morning to make it easier for the poor creatures to get some food and water.

I’m hoping to get down to the Lottie tomorrow to see how it is coping with all this snow. I wonder if the winter lettuce is strong enough to survive this?

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