and finally it snowed…

The weather people have been promising for days and days, but FINALLY we got the heavy snow that Kevin and I have been waiting for. Here is the back garden this evening as the snow was falling.

Hoping it won’t have disappeared by tomorrow morning so we get to go and play.

2 thoughts on “and finally it snowed…”

  1. Happy New Year! Good to see you blogging 'cos I regretted not getting to know more about you and your work when we met in Oxford, so now I can 🙂

    And I can most safely predict that tomorrow you shall be going out to play, as we all will be 😀

  2. Thanks VP – happy 2010 to you too. I was very inspired by you all at the Oxford event and been keeping up and enjoying your blog ever since.

    Yes, I think we will be playing in the snow tomorrow.


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