Gwenfar’s Lottie in the snow

I did manage to get down to my lottie today. I was clearly the only one who bothered, as I had pristine smooth snow to walk through (nearly 2ft deep) to get through the gate and to my plot. And here it is:

That’s my brussels sprouts poking their heads up. If you look carefully you can see the outline of my raised beds. No idea how the winter lettuce and carrots are doing, will  have to wait for the thaw. It’s getting close to sunset now and been snowing on and off all day. However, now the sky is now a clear light blue and a freezing night is expected, so we have been told not to expect a thaw for a few days.

Here is the back garden at Cornwallis Road. The lump in the bottom left is the poor old bamboo even further driven to despair. I did clear the snow off the bird feeders and now have lots of birdies in the back garden. I also put some seed on the ground for ground feeders like blackbirds and finches. It must be hard for them with all this snow and being unable to get to the grass and worms. I wouldn’t usually put bird seed on the ground because of Merlyn, and the fact there are a lot of other cats in the neighbourhood. However, cats don’t appear to be venturing outside at the moment. The darlings don’t like to get their paws wet. Bless. So safe for the birds.

Kevin and I went for a walk at lunchtime. Florence Park is looking stunning in the snow. See this avenue of trees…

I’ve uploaded more snow pics to my web album if you want to take a look-chook.
My brain hasn’t completely gone to snowy mush. I’ve been catching up on some reading and came across this brilliant article by Gary Younge who discusses how the so-called ‘war on terror’ has been more about scaring peoople than protecting them. This is his reponse to the recent air plane ‘terror threat’. As usual, Gary brings together complex and emotive issues and makes sense of them and a clear and concise way. I recommend his article to you.

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