yay -o-yay it’s garlic planting day

FINALLY! Finally it wasn’t raining and I could get down to lottie and finish planting the remaining garlic. Besides those mentioned previously, I also planted some more common garlic, Solent Wight and Arno. Good bog-standard garlic, but not as exciting as some of the ones Patrick gave me. For instance, here is, from L-R: Irkutsk, Martin’s Heirloom and Georgian Crystal, before going into the ground.

Pretty huh. For a list of the garlic varieties I’m growing this year, see my garlic varieties document. I’m trying to collate info about each variety, as it isn’t that easy to find on the web. I’ve noted if each variety is a Hardneck or Softneck, and whether it is meant to be good for storing (mainly softnecks, but some hardnecks). I’ll update it next summer when I harvest it all.

I was also excited to see that my first broad beans are pushing their way through the soil. It might be getting closer to winter solstice, but life still goes on.

So yay-o-yay I say. Garlic’s in. Now just need the weather to give me another break so I can get the pear trees in. There’s always more gardening to be done. I love that.

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