A little host of daffodils

Bare with me. First I have to show you a before photo, of what the front garden was like when we first moved in. It was just grass.

The front of a house is shown and you can see windows from two levels. In front is just grass, with a couple of potted plants next to the house wall. To the right and back is a neighbour's house.

Now, the photo of the garden this Spring.

Front garden now filled with lots of spring bulbs, with lots of yellows, as well as maroon and blue. There are two trees, an Acer Griseum and a Quince 'Meech's Prolific.

It’s a bit of a difference, huh! The rest of this post is going to be lots of flower pictures, as I’ve used all my energy taking the photos and sorting etc. Though the pretty doesn’t need my mutterings anyway.

Parts of the long border filled with daffodil flowers. The border is 19m long and borders both the footpath and our neighbours driveway.
From the back end of the front garden looking towards the street.

The border is 19m long, so it’s a lot of space to fill.

A small N. Golden Dawn flower that is kind of star shaped, yellow with an orange trumpet in the middle.
Narcissi ‘Golden Dawn’
Three small cream and white N. Minnow flowers coming from the same stem.
Narcissi ‘Minnow’, rather speckled with mud from all the darn rain we have been having.
Three maroon tulips of Tulip 'Purple Heart', kind of the shape of flute wine glasses.
Tulip ‘Purple Heart’
One larger daffodil of N. Mother Duck, with an orange trumpet, and the petals bright yellow but with some whiter shading too.
Narcissi ‘Mother Duck’
Several small flowers of N. Eaton Song, coming from a couple of stems. The petals are yellow-white and are flushed back from the orange trumpet in the middle.
Narcissi ‘Eaton Song’
A small nodding daffodil, N. Jack Snipe, with white star shaped petals flushed back, and a long yellow trumpet.
Narcissi Jack Snipe
A group of the white and yellow N. Jack Snipe Daffodils.
A group of N. ‘Jack Snipe’
A small blue Anemone Blanda Blue flower, with blue petals and yellow pistols and stamens in the middle.
Anemone Blanda Blue
A species tulip, T. Turkestanica, flower. It's petals are star-shaped and forward facing, the stamens are yellow with black tips, and the pistol is green with a yellow tip.
Species tulip, T. ‘Turkestanica’
The front garden from a different angle. You can see the first maroon tulips flowering, as well as lots of daffidols.
A single large white N Barret Browning daffidol flower. It has white petals and a very strong orange trumpet.
Narcissi Barret Browning
A couple of Primula vulgaris flowers from a side angle. They have pale yellow petals that are strong yellow in the middle.
Primula vulgaris
Two N. Fortune daffodil flowers. These have very bright forward facing yellow petals, and a strong orange trumpet.
Narcissi ‘Fortune’
Several small star-shaped N. Falconet daffodil flowers. The petals are a warm yellow and the trumpets bright orange.
Narcissi ‘Falconet’
A two-toned Muscari Latifolium flower. The petals are like tubes, with top part is a light blue, and the rest a strong blue-purple colour.
Muscari latifolium
The Acer Griseum tree in the middle of the front garden, with different daffodils flowering underneath, amongst some orange-green grasses.
A mix of Narcissi ‘Jetfire’ and ‘Eaton Song’ under the Acer Griseum, along with the grass Carex testacea ‘Prairie Fire’.
A young fruit tree just planted with new leaves emerging. To the right is the large water butt.
Quince ‘Meech’s Prolific’, just planted.

An enormous thank you to my gardener, Kathryn, of Village Green Gardens, who planted 900+ bulbs (plus another c. 300 around the back). The front garden looks fab and her work is massively appreciated.

I’m pretty chuffed with my little host of daffodils. And there are still more bulbs growing in the wings, waiting for their moment. But that’s another post. Happy Spring!

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