Stroll/roll: along Lightwood (Sheffield)

Stroll/roll: my partner strolls, I roll, on my mobility scooter

The lovely summer weather, combined with a little bit of energy, led to us deciding to take a fairly local stroll/roll today. We ventured over to Lightwood, which is about a mile, as the crow flies, from our place.

A field of grass with cows on the ridge and trees on the left to middle, and right sides.

It’s wonderful to feel that even a couple of miles from the centre of Sheffield, you are totally in the countryside.

Looking through a hedge with a tree canopy towards a field of wheat (?) and further beyond, gentle hills, fields and copses. It's all very green and lush.

I enjoyed checking out some of the wildflowers and came across the following…

A field in the sun filled with flowering brilliant yellow buttercups. You can also see some dandelion seed heads, and trees beyond the field.
A field of buttercups
A collection of small white flowers with 8 kind of skinny heart-shaped petals, a round cream centre and orange pistil and stamens.
Stellaria holostea – Greater Stitchwort
Cow Parsley - NOT wild carrot, though to confuse matters, wild carrot can be called cow parsley too. Also known as Queen Anne's Lace. Focusing on just one umbellifer, which is a collection of miniature white flowers forming a kind of umbrella-like structure.
Anthriscus sylvestris – Cow Parsley
A collection of small sky-blue flowers amongst the greenery of their leaves, nettles and other green plants.
Veronica persica – Common Speedwell
A slightly blurry photo of a small head of white flowers that have 4 petals each. Underneath them are the fresh Spring leaves with a kind of maple-tooth shape, which are edible and can be used in both salads and hot dishes.
Alliaria petiolata – Jack-by-the-Hedge. The leaves are edible, kind of light mustard. It’s part of the Brassica family.

I didn’t actually ID the tree. I was more enamored of the shapes and colour.

Looking up at a tree canopy. You can see lots of branches squiggling out from the main trunk, with fresh Spring green foliage, and peeking through is a cloudy-blue sky.

I also made friends with a cow.

A brown cow with a white face and brown patch under the left eye. It is standing under a tree canopy and looking straight at me.

And another cow. Who suddenly decided to come closer! I carefully backed my scooter away…

Another brown cow with a white face, only this one has brown patches around both eyes. This cow is much closer and I ended up backing away coz it was getting a little too friendly.

Lightwood is just off the Southern ring-road (near Norton Lees) and it’s a quiet-ish dead end tarmac road, so good for using a mobility scooter/wheelchair upon. There are plenty of safe and non-intrusive spaces you can park a car along the lane and to unload/reload your mobility device. The few cars that came along were polite about going past (i.e. they slowed down and actually took care). And a shout out to the Moss Valley Meats driver who patiently waited for me to get up to a bit of off road space instead of forcing me into the nettles and wild carrot (ouch!) where the road was too thin to really allow passing. Cheers mate.

A field of golden buttercups surrounded by trees, and with four horses chomping on the grass.
I wonder if one of the horses is called Buttercup? 😀

It was great to spend a little time in the countryside without having to drive very far. Definitely worth a return stroll/roll.

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