Saffron! My first ever saffron harvest

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. My first ever Saffron, Crocus sativus, has flowered!

A lilac-purple flowers with dark purple veins, with yellow pollen and the prominent red stigmas that you harvest. It's resting on some wood and is wet, with raindrops resting on some of the petals.
A single wet Saffron flower

I’ve tried growing Saffron in past gardens, but the bulbs seem to have just disappeared. Not even a green leaf came up. I planted some again in this garden, a couple of years ago. The first two years I at least got leaves, but it is only now, in the 3rd year, I’ve got my first flower.

The small thin border with the Saffron growing in it. You can see there are lots of green shoots still coming up. On the left side are green leaves of parsnips and on the right is the edge of the wooden raised bed.
The bed where the saffron is growing. Still plenty more coming up, so maybe I’ll get more flowers?

Whilst I hope I’ll still have more to come this season, just getting one has really made my gardening year.

The picked flower now sitting on a cream coloured plate. The flower is on the left, and the three red stigmas have been plucked out and are sitting on the right.
The red stigmas have been pulled out

I’ve picked the one flower, taken out the red saffron stigmas and am leaving them to dry on a plate in the dining room, out of direct sun. It should take a few days to dry out, then I can put them in a jar for using. I cannot wait to make saffron rice.

The three red stigmas on a cream plate, now drying out, which will take a few days.
The red stigmas drying on a plate

And the flower isn’t going to waste. It has a lovely fragrance, so I’ve put it in a small vase and it’s sitting in the lounge room for us to enjoy.

The remaining flower, minus the red stigmas, in a clear glass vase sitting on a wooden shelf.
The remaining flower, now in a vase, to extend the enjoyment.

My first every saffron flower. What joy!!!

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