Tulip fever

It’s tulip flowering time and oh gosh, do I particularly have tulip fever this year. I only have a few cultivars in my front and back gardens, but they are looking fabulous and I’m feeling that maybe I need some more?

This is T. Ballerina, my favourite tulip in a planter next to the lounge room window. It looks like it’s on fire.

I love how it changes in the light. This is it waiting in the wings in the shade.

And then, voila! It dances in the sun!

Wait a minute, isn’t one of those tulips looking rather different? Yes, this is a rogue tulip that’s ended up with my T. Ballerina bulbs. It’s possibly a cross with some of my other tulips?

Anyway, I’ve pulled it out and will plant it elsewhere, as this doesn’t go with my ‘hot’ colours theme in the front garden, so it’s going to be replanted in the back garden.

T. Ballerina goes rather well with T. Havran, in the ground in another part of the front garden.

T. Havran is kind of a beetroot colour, and really quite shiny.

It has a nice white part in the middle of the inside too.


Also in the front garden is T. Abu Hassan, which is a rather fabulous tulip if you ask me. I mean, wow!

I don’t have as many of these as I like, and I do like. They contrast nicely with the yellow of the cowslip and the various blues.

In the back garden I don’t have many tulips yet, but I did inherit these ones when we moved in.

Now see, they don’t go with the cooler purples/pinks tones for the back
garden, but well, they are so cheery. So they get to stay until I have
more appropriate colours to plant in their place. Then I’ll move these
to the front.

The tulips in both gardens have been giving me so much pleasure. There is just one problem. Sadly, I don’t have enough of them.

So, I see tulip bulbs in my future. Lots more.

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