Ditty for a new home

Some Sheffield place-names are merely
Easy to pronounce, like Heeley.
Others, if not heard but seen, will
Lead to mistakes like “green hill”.
If you’ve only seen Beauchief on a road sign
You won’t know it’s “bee”, not the French word
for “fine”.
And – unless you’re feeling particularly silly –
Penistone isn’t a gym for your willy.
Greenhill’s like “fennel” but you’re Aussies, so,
when, oh,
when will you rename it simply to Grenno?
Now you’re on the not-really-main-road,
We wish you much happiness in your new abode.

This ditty comes from friends Kate and J-P (Next Square Metre), in the ‘new home’ card we found as we arrived to move in yesterday. So good I had to share it!

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