Red Squirrel!

Red Squirrel!

Can you tell I’m excited?! Yes, we saw red squirrels today. Well, one red squirrel, lots of times. This was at the Kirroughtree Visitors Centre in the Galloway Forest Park, just up the road from our holiday cottage. What’s more, it’s a very short walk from the car park along flat surface making it easy for someone who limited mobility (as I have, thanks ME) or who is a wheelchair user. And you can sit down at the hide, as I did, and get pretty darned close to red squirrels without getting too tired (except from excitement).

Red Squirrels! I’m not sure I can really say anything sensible, as I’m so excited that I saw a RED SQUIRREL. So I’ll let the video above and pictures below do the talking.

Well hello…
Here I’m doing a cute thing with my paws
Digging down to hide my nuts
You can’t see me hiding my nuts, right?
I think I look rather fetching against the green
 Here I’m being PDC (pretty darned cute)
More PDC
Sniffing about for more nuts. I hope the birds haven’t nicked them all.

Red Squirrel!

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  1. When we lived in the North West we had a red squirrel reserve close by, numbers have been up and down, but they are doing well at the moment. They are so much nicer than the greys and of course, native to this country. The Lake district and the Isle of White also have them and Northumberland I think. In Northumberland the greys are given birth control pills to try and eradicate them!


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