Garlic harvest 2011

Today I finally harvested the garlic. And here I am, tired (it’s bloody hot out there*), but happy with the harvest.

The picture below shows them drying on racks. Yes, I have cut the stems short, I won’t be plaiting the garlic. I did try once but it was really hard and took me 30 minutes to do one with about 9 bulbs on it! So I’m forgoing the plaiting. Just drying it so I can eat it.

I will be saving some of those that I’ve tried over the last year and liked. Some will not be saved, as either the bulbs are too small or don’t seem to grow big in my soil. I’ll also be giving some away at the Barracks Lane Community Garden harvest festival on 10th September. This will include all of the Irkutsk which is so strong that a quarter of one clove in an omlette was massively overpowering. We couldn’t get rid of garlic taste for days. We love garlic, but our affair has it’s limits.

If you have vampire problems and/or want some powerfully strong garlic, I have a few bulbs I’ll be willing to post out (UK only).

*hot to me is over 20 degrees. Now you can see why I don’t want to live in Australia!

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