Happy Gardening New Year!

Well, 1st Jan and the gardening year starts off well. After weeks of being unable to get into the garden or down to the lottie, first because I had a bad virus and 2nd because everything was covered under 8 or so inches of snow, today I was able to get out there and put hand to soil.

I mainly did some tidying up and winter pruned the pear trees and some way over grown rose bushes and climbers that I inherited when we moved in. I didn’t tidy up too much of course, got of leave some ‘mess’ for the creatures. I accidentally disturbed some ladybirds, and carefully moved them to a safer place. I.e. out of the way of my trowel and pruning secateurs.

Although it is very late, I potted up some more bulbs and planted some Fritillaries. This is one of my absolute favourite flowers, so I’ve put them in the beds near the back of the house so we will be able to see them from the kitchen window. I know it is very late, but I figure they should grow, will just take a little longer to get going.

I’m hoping all this activity on the first day of the year is a good omen and 2011 is a fruitful year. Here’s to a happy and abundant gardening year!

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