Happy ramblings: Rosa ‘Seagull’

When we were leaving our previous house and garden, I took 10 cuttings of my rambling rose, Rosa Seagull. Roses aren’t exactly known for being easy growing plants, and I’d never taken rose cuttings before and wasn’t that hopeful that the cuttings would take. So it was quite a surprise when 9 of the 10 cuttings did!

So two years ago I planted two 20cm ‘sticks’ into the border of our south-facing fence. Here’s the result.

This was after a large attack of greenfly, just when the flower buds were developing, which my soapy water squirter took care of. It recovered well!

It’s a very fragrant rose, and in the hot weather last week, sitting outside for dinner at our garden table, the aroma was beautiful.

And it was alive with buzzing from the many bees seeking it’s pollen.

The flowers are now spent, so I’m going to prune back the stems and with luck, I might get a second smaller flowering.

As for all those other 7 plants, I didn’t have room for them, so I gave them away so others could enjoy them.

It turns out that taking rose cuttings successfully is really quite easy, so do give it a try.

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