New veg beds – aka finally making a decision on the final layout of my kitchen garden

The kitchen garden?

Not an inspiring photograph, is it? I mean, yes, you can see my slowly developing Forest Garden Border around the edges (the blueberries are nearly ready!), and some raised beds with garlic. But the lawn dominates. However, not for much longer.

I’ve always intended that this area of the garden would become my kitchen garden, as it gets the most sun all year around. I just hadn’t been able to make a decision about the design layout. I’ve played around with a number of layouts over the last few months, and I’ve finally came to one that I both liked, and that I felt maximised the use of the space. And here’s the plan:

Base map: showing the shape of the design clearly

I view it as a geometrically-shaped flower.

The design has been very carefully measured a few times, and I’m certain that it will work. And I must thank Andrea, my gardener, who helped me with the final measuring out and design tweeks.

Final design with all the careful measurements

Once again, I’m going with straight lines. That’s because straight lines
are so much cheaper to build. I plan on adding some plants,
such as creeping Thyme, along the paths, as well as some other low growing herbs and ornamental plants,
which over time will help break up the lines.

The beds will be made sleepers again and will also be two levels high. As I’ve mentioned before, I have acid soil, so I need to build the soil level up with alkaline/neutral compost if I want to grow vegetables. For the paths, we will be putting down a permeable membrane, and will then add purple shale on top. I’ve used this method in the past and I know it works well and looks good. 

The obelisk sitting in the middle of another raised bed during last winter.

I’ll be moving my Obelisk from it’s temporary position (above) to the centre kitchen garden bed, which will add some height and year round interest. And of course, it will be good for growing climbing french beans and peas, with cut flowers, including sweet peas, on alternate years.

The landscapers will be here next week! And I’ve just ordered the nearly 5 tonnes of compost to fill the beds. So it’s all go for my new kitchen garden borders.

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