Photo essay: Carew Castle, Pembrokeshire April 2019

Carew Castle

I love castles, just love them. They are such fun, and fascinating historically. Wales has a lot of wonderful castles, but not surprisingly, a lot of them aren’t that accessible for people with disabilities. Which isn’t a complaint, unless we complain to Edward I. Which actually isn’t a bad idea as he was a nasty piece of work and deserves all the crap that can be heaped upon him. Ok, rant over. So, accessibility. When I was looking up places to visit in Pembrokeshire, I found an accessible walk around Carew Castle and the millpond, so I was very excited as it meant I got to play in a castle in my scooter. Hurrah!

So these photos are mainly from the perspective of my scooter. Kevin and I went with our friend Sonia, and her gorgeous niece, Angel.

The inside of the castle

The delightful Angel on one of the upper levels.

Kevin and Angel having fun with one of the tiny windows. Or is it a large arrow hole?

The outside of the castle and the millpond

Then the sun came out and oh!

The castle was built at the beginning of the 12th century, built by the Normans who were
extending their conquest into Wales. However, there was an iron age settlement previously on the site.

Kevin and I.

Angel and Kevin.

The toadflax was looking so pretty in the walls.


Carew is a truly fab castle and we all had a lot of fun.

Near to the castle was the Carew Cross, dating from the 11th century. A very fine Celtic cross.

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