Garden visit: Renishaw Hall Gardens in early Spring (photo essay)

There was real warmth in the sun today and it really felt like Spring. After nearly a week of bad ME days that kept me mostly bed/house bound, I was feeling a little better and really wanted to get outside. So a visit to our local Renishaw Hall & Gardens*, where I know there is plenty of well-placed seating** as well as horticultural delights, seemed like an excellent idea. Of course it was and though tired at the end, it was the happy tired of someone who had enjoyed the sun on her face, the sweet bird song in her ear, and the beauty of the garden to enjoy.

 An avenue of daffodils

 I adore the blue of Chionodoxa

Tree shadows
 Forest cathedral, with a shimmer of bluebells about to unfurl. The birdsong was orchestral.

The Magnolias were almost ready to burst their buds, and some had.

Magnolia ‘vulcan’ 

 Unknown variety, but oh, the potential!

 Magnolia ‘Kew’s Surprise’

Magnolia Campbellii ‘Mollicomata’ 

Magnolia Campbellii ‘Mollicomata’

 Lower terrace

Looking towards the lakes

Yes, the ubiquitous daffodils, of which I can never tire
If you are looking for a place to see bluebells, I recommend the display found at Renishaw Hall & Gardens, or last year’s blogpost if you aren’t in this part of the country.

*I have also blogged about Renishaw Hall & Gardens in Summer.
**Never underestimate the importance of plenty seating if you want to enable people with chronic illnesses or mobility issues to visit your venue.

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