About Gwenfar’s Garden recipes

On Mastodon (the excellent alternative to Twitter), a lot of us share recipes, particularly under the #FediKitchen* hashtag, including myself. Since I write them out for the Fediverse*, I figured I’d start adding them here too.

A large majority of recipes will be vegetarian, some vegan, but there will be some recipes containing meat. In each case, there is usually a key vegetable or two that are the star of the show. Most have been adjusted to my tastes, such as no onions – coz allergic, or where I’ve swapped some ingredients because it suited what I had in the garden, cupboard and/or freezer. In each case, I’ll reference or link to the original when I have it.

I try to remember to add the grams etc equivalent to cups, but if that’s missing, you can use the Convert Units website.

Important #Spoonie note: as I have the chronic illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), these are all recipes that I can do bits at a time, and then return to again, after resting for a while. So they might be suitable for other spoonies too. Where the recipes are good for batch cooking, I’ll add this.

*Fedi = Fediverse. Kind of think Star Trek only this is a federation of communities (called instances)

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