Photo essay: Dovedale

Even on an overcast day, the Peak District never disappoints. We decided to venture further south into the White Peak part of the District to explore part of the Dovedale area. It’s an area that’s decidedly peaky with it’s pointy hills.

You can see the medieval ridge and furrow agricultural system still evident in the landscape.

Our main focus was a short walk along the River Dove. This is right of the border of Derbyshire and Staffordshire, the river being the border.

Often when you have a chronic illness or mobility limitations, you cannot get out to walk amongst the hills and ridges of the Peak. However, the one place you can is along the River Dove in Dovedale. Here a hardened path follows alongside the river, flat and easy to walk or use your wheelchair upon.

A peaky through the trees.

Don’t be fooled. The green may look inviting, but it’s very very steep.

Despite ME/CFS this is one place in the Peak District I can physically explore and be surrounded it’s rugged beauty.

A duck fishing for food.

 And a crow (or raven?) pecking through the brittle limestone hillside.

Suddenly the sun poked out from the clouds behind us, lighting up the scene in front.

We walked back to the car park, the sun on our faces, refreshed from a gentle walk and the immense beauty of the Peak.

* * * * *
If you happen to know of other parts of the Peak District that are accessible to those with limited mobility, please leave a note in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Photo essay: Dovedale”

  1. Sion's got there before – I'd second the Monsal trail as another option. We had great fun exploring it when we holidayed in the Peak District. It's an old railway track, so the hilly bits are gentle, especially when compared with the surrounding scenery. Could be an option for your electric bike too if you still have it?

  2. You chose a nice day for it Julieanne. Having somewhere accessible does make all the difference. Good luck with your research I hope you find somewhere practical for you. Getting out and about must really benefit your mood and lift your spirits.

  3. I looked into the Monsal trail after Sion's comment. It's definitely worth a try. My biggest issue at the moment is that you often have to walk quite a distance (a mile or so) to get to the trail itself, which would have used up all my energy just doing that. I did discover one car park next to the trail, so I'm going to try that out, hopefully soon.

    I haven't been using my electric bike, mainly because the hills are so steep in Sheffield that even with it I cannot get up them as I'm not strong/well enough! It's most frustrating, but hopefully I'll be able to use it again in the future and try out more of the trail.

  4. All of the ex-railways that are now cycle trails have easy access points where you can park up next to the trail. Monsal Trail at Bakewell, Tissington Trail at Tissington and High Peak Trail at Pikehall to name but 3 spots. The Manifold Trail is a cracker too with easy access at Hulme End or Wetton Mill. Go as far as you want before heading back the way you came.

  5. Beautiful photos Julieanne, being outside is so important – I use every opportunity the weather gives me to go outside, unfortunately I don’t get any further than my own garden, but there are always things to do and see here. I do miss going other places at times though and would have liked to venture further.


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