Photo essay: Sheffield Botanical Gardens – late October autumn visit

After visiting at the beginning of October, we returned to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens at the end of October to have a wander and see how some of the autumn colours were coming along. It was a very cloudy day, but no surprise that there was even more colour to discover and delight it.

 Four Seasons Garden

 Rose Garden and Main Lawns

The beautiful bark of Prunus Serrula 
From green to red leaves, Acer Grisium 

The bark of Acer Grisium
 Acer Grisium detail

Part of the Evolution Garden

From the edge of the Woodland Garden towards the fountain

Late afternoon sun over the Main Lawns

Reprise: late afternoon sun over the Main Lawns

Rock and Water garden

If you are looking for some autumn colour, do visit the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. With this mild autumn weather, the colour should be looking good for some weeks to come.

Visit the Sheffield Botanical Gardens website for opening times.

11 thoughts on “Photo essay: Sheffield Botanical Gardens – late October autumn visit”

  1. Lovely photos, the changing leaves are so beautiful. We are off today to The Garden House in Devon, it is their last day of opening for the year, so hope to see as many autumn tints as you did! Seeing the lovely trees in your photos, I think the dark evergreens set off the colours beautifully.

  2. Lovely shots! I particularly like the glorious yellows, I have a tough time capturing them properly. Nice to see a virtual tour from across the pond, in my area (Maryland, U.S.) our colors are a bit further along now.

  3. Lovely autumn colours Julieanne, I love the flaming colours of acers right now and would like to have many in my new garden – just need to find some that doesn’t grow to monster size in 10-15 years 🙂

  4. These gardens are stunning. What a wonderful visit that must have been Julieanne. I long for a time when my trees are mature enough to make such statements.


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