Photo essay: Sheffield Botanical Gardens in Autumn 2015

The clear blue skies and warm autumn sun called to us and it said: visit the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, have lunch and walk around and enjoy the sun and changing seasons. Well, when you put it like that…


The photos were taken with my mobile phone, but I think they give you a flavour of the gardens and the day. I hope you enjoyed this short visit.

9 thoughts on “Photo essay: Sheffield Botanical Gardens in Autumn 2015”

  1. Very nice photos. Never been to Sheffield but I think I must put it on my list. Now having one of my memory lapses about the penultimate photo of the red flowers. My late mother used to call them "schizophrenias". Off to consult my plant encyclopedia. Without it I couldn't name half the plants in my own garden!

  2. That plant is Hesperantha, used to be Schizostylis. A rare occasion when the name change has made it easier for us gardeners. Unlike poor old Aster or Dicentra.

    Sheffield is well worth a visit. As well as Botanical gardens, there is the Winter Garden in town, and the Peak on our doorstep. It's an ace place 🙂

  3. What a lovely garden and such a beautiful day for you to enjoy it! The Acer looks absolutely fabulous, what a wonderful colour, mine haven't started turning colour yet.

  4. Splendid photos and gorgeous garden – I can see why you went there!
    I have just seen the weather forecast on the news, seems we are getting some rain from tomorrow but we might get back to the warm, sunny weather towards the end of the week. Nice for October.

  5. I've got relatives in Sheffield and I always mean to go to the gardens. Now your photos want to make me go there even more.


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