Exploring the Peak District: Hallam & Burbage Moors

The Peak District is very close to Sheffield, in fact so close parts of Sheffield are in the Peak District. We haven’t had much of a chance to visit since moving to Sheffield at the end of March, so with our Oxford friend Manishta visiting last weekend, it seemed a good excuse for Kevin and I to hire a car and take her on a trip to the Peak District. 
Hallam Moor was a ‘lake’ of cotton grass, Eriophorum angustifolium, and with high winds at times it felt like it was snowing cotton grass! We also took a short walk up Higger Tor, which is on Burbage Moor, just over from Hallam Moor. From cotton grass to beautiful rock formations, we enjoyed our visit to this part of the Peak. Note to self: visit Peak District more often. Beautiful.
Cotton grass over the Peak, looking towards Cowper Stone (Hallam Moor)
Cotton grass up close

Kevin and Manishta on top of Higger Tor (Burbage Moor)

Rock formations, Higger Tor

Manishta, Kevin & I, with Burbage Rocks (ridge)
and big sky in background

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