Early Spring at Kingston Bagpuize gardens

Today was the (almost) annual visit to Kingston Bagpuize gardens in Oxfordshire. They have wonderful drifts of snowdrops, aconites, crocuses. A visit always lifts the spirit at the cold end of winter.

A carpet of snowdrops at Church Copse

Aconites and crocuses in the Garden Park

Kate and J-P get in closer

Before we arrived, my friend Kate thought snowdrops were just snowdrops. She didn’t realise there were so many varieties! Different ones were described as ‘short and upright’ or ‘short and chubby’…

Galanthus short and upright

Galanthus short and chubby

There are many lovely paths to wander around and enjoy drifts of snowdrops.

near the main gate

Within the Woodland Garden

Entrance to Church Copse

Near the Woodland Garden

There were also other early Spring delights.

Hamamelis (no label so unknown variety)

Iris Katharine Hodgkin

There was also time for fun!

Kevin wonders if Kate will make it without falling and
squashing snowdrops. Church Copse.

And a time for snuggles.

Kate and J-P at the building (summer house?) beside the old wall.

It was a beautiful late winter day and as ever, we enjoyed our visit to Kingston Bagpuize gardens.

J-P, moi and Kate by Church Copse

The last snowdrop open day is Sunday 24th February. The house and gardens is also open on weekends from March to September.

And extra snowdrop pic by @oxkev.

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