Winter visitors

As winter has come early, with snow on the ground in late November and going to work in -4 degrees, my spirits have lifted by a new visitor to my garden bird feeder.

Hummmm, time to steal the other birdies nuts…

Ummm, where are the nuts?

Ah-ha, there they are.
Don’t ask me if it is a Lesser or Greater Spotted Woodpecker, I haven’t got the foggiest!

BTW: so far this has been the only nut feeder that the blasted squirrel hasn’t broken; it’s broken 3 of the wire-type ones this year. In fact it seems to have given up and goes to the nut feeder closer to the house, which is good because I get to laugh at it’s acrobatics in it’s desparate attempt to get to the nuts. Must photograph it some time when I’m not laughing too much. tee hee.

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