Cambridge botanic gardens

I haven’t had much of a chance to blog recently. Been so busy with my two jobs and the permaculture course, that blogging goes down the list of priorities…

However, Kevin and I were in Cambridge on the weekend visiting Audrey (Kevin’s Ma) and one of our excursions included a returning visit to the Cambridge Botanic Gardens, so I have so nice pictures to show you. We usually go at least a couple of times of year, I always find something to delight me. This time I found a Magnolia I JUST HAVE TO HAVE! What do you think?

Magnolia liliiflora

Those who know my gardening tastes know that I’m addicted to purple-aubergine-pink plants. This even extends to vegetables, if it’s got a purple variety, I’ll grow it. This is a small-medium sized tree, so good for my size garden. I just need to work out where I’m going to put it…

They had a lovely display of plants for bees. This was of particularly interest as I’m currently developing a programme for a Bee & Honey day at the Barracks Lane Community Garden, whom I work for as a coordinator. Best job in the world, someone paying me to organise gardening events – how cool is that!

The Bee day is on 10th July, by the way, and there will be workshops on planting for bees, craft workshops for making bee finger puppets for kiddies etc, and a fundraiser in the evening with story-telling and band Telling the Bees, plug plug…

As always, I visited the greenhouses, making a bee-line (ha ha) for the Alpine house. I first discovered alpines at the Cam Bot Gardens and I’m constantly delighted by their exquisite displays, ie:

Scilla scilloides

Anemone pavoniana

Just so pretty.

Whilst I was scampering around oohhing and aahhhing over plants, Kevin and Audrey enjoyed the sun by the lake.

Um, come on guys, are you allergic to each other?

That’s better!

On Sunday we also visited Great Staughton manor, the highlight for me being this amazing tree. I so want one… It’s all auberginy-purple – my favourite!

Does anyone know what it is?

So that was my weekend in the sun with the plants. Oh, and with my sweetie and Ma. It’s not all about plants. Well, not entirely.

Good times.

3 thoughts on “Cambridge botanic gardens”

  1. It's a lovely magnolia, but I am never too sure about them. They are so wonderful but only for about 7 days of the year… The rest of the time they are a bit unremarkable. Is it worth it for that week of starry gorgeousness?

    And I am very envious about your lovely job. Bees bees bees!

  2. I know what you mean, I feel like that about Liliac. Somehow I think Magnolia's are worth it, partly coz they often have a 2nd flowering later summer, so that's two bursts of starry gorgeousness!

  3. Beautiful flowers Julieanne. And re bees – Telling the Bees are a great band – I heard them for the first time recently at Catweazle. Amazing fiddle-playing.


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