Lottie beginnings

My allotment is on Cricket Road, Oxford. I took it on in November 2008, joined by my partner Kevin, and friend Mark who do quite a bit of the digging; though some credit should also go to Mark’s friend Jason who is quite an impressive digger – I wish he would come more often…  This is the lottie when I first took it on:
As you can see, the allotment dream. A couch grass, bramble filled disaster area. Ho hum.
Kevin and Mark trying to tame some of the brambles and weeds:
Here is Mark (blue top) and Jason getting a bed ready to plant taties in May 2009:
One year on, end October 2009, this is where it is at:
We have managed to cultivate the 1st quarter of the plot, thereby meeting lottie rules, and getting a lot of taties in the process. The taties have all been dug up and being eaten, next in is some brassicas (to the left), winter salads, spinach and leaf beet, and preparing beds for garlic and broad beans (the empty bed to the right). In front in the first strawberry bed, with lots of daffs planted underneath that should flower in February.

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